City centre pedestrianisation trial (ETRO)

Comments in support of the trial pedestrianisation

To provide balance to the views gathered at the recent consultation event, we have also gathered together the positive responses we have had to the pedestrianisation scheme so far.

These include:

Highlight theme views

A sample of some of the comments we have received

The scheme will make the city centre safer

‘Traffic flowing through the centre is dangerous to pedestrians.’

‘The centre of town would be a better place if residents and visitors could walk without fear of being knocked down by a delivery driver.’

‘A significant minority of people drive through the centre at speed with little consideration, often coming extremely close to pedestrians. This is an accident waiting to happen, especially for the more vulnerable of any age. Cars and pedestrians are not compatible with footfall in Lichfield.’ 

‘The need is even more urgent to provide space for pedestrians to walk safely. Sometimes there is a constant stream of traffic through the city’s streets. It would be nice if more outdoor seating outside for cafes and pubs was available, without traffic noise and population.’

‘I think that it should be imposed fully, as the lack of cars has made a massive difference to the welfare of pedestrians overall.’

The scheme will make the city centre more attractive to tourists

‘Banning the cars would make the centre more harmonious so people would spend longer there and spend more in the local businesses.’

‘Pedestrianisation is a really good idea. Street cafes provide a lovely atmosphere in summer. Traffic flowing through the centre is dangerous to pedestrians and when eating in pavement cafes. Pedestrianisation needs to be clearly identified and enforced.’

The scheme will make the city cleaner

‘I support the proposals. We need more promotion of safe active travel and lower levels of air pollution especially for young children in buggies or walking.’

‘Pedestrianisation increases safety, reduces exposure to pollution and makes the city centre more appealing to browse.’

Comments in support of additional blue badge spaces at Bird Street car park, suggestion of additional spaces at Wade Street, and general comments re car parks

‘I very much support the pedestrianisation scheme and would also support an all-day ban on traffic. I am a blue badge holder because of difficulty walking, but can manage the short distance from the Cross Keys car park. This is often my daily exercise. I do use the benches in the Market Square for a rest and would welcome a few more dotted about to make things a little easier.’

"We shop in Lichfield regularly. I am a blue badge holder and have a young son who's four. I think there is plenty of parking in Lichfield and the pedestrian zone is a great idea. The for walking distance is just as far from other parking areas such as the road by the Garrick theatre. Parking behind B&M is much closer to the library, cathedral and other shops than some of the on street car parking spaces.’

‘I am a blue badge holder. I would like to see full pedestrianisation between 10am - 4pm, no cars or deliveries at all. It would be good to see more spaces in Wade Street. I feel certain that my needs will be catered for on the car parks.’

Comment re changing the hours of the pedestrianisation

‘It’s great to have a pedestrianised zone but there must be adequate provision for disabled parking across the city which today there is nowhere near enough. The hours of pedestrianisation need to be shorter or you will kill the evening trade for takeaways and restaurants, especially for those on Bore Street and in the arcade. It should be pedestrianised 12noon – 6pm or 7pm.’

Comments re shopmobility

‘I need the car so that I can still visit the town centre and very much appreciate that disabled parking is provided and that it is also free of charge. It may be helpful for the consideration of a scheme whereby power assisted wheelchairs and small mobility scooters could be hired for a small fee for the  genuine disabled who wish to remain independent but cannot manage the distances.’

‘Ensure you have provided enough accessible spaces for blue badge holders. Move shopmobility to the point where you have the blue badge parking.’

The council provides scooter hire service (called shopmobility) which costs £5 per annum, plus £1 every time you use a scooter. Customers need to book in advance and collect the scooters from The Friary car park. Find out more.

Comments re Tamworth Street

‘I believe the proposals could go further. I would particularly like to see the whole of Tamworth Street pedestrianised. I currently try to avoid walking up Tamworth Street because the pavements are quite thin and with a pram I have often had to detour into the road.’

Comments in support of the trial consultation period

‘Overall I am very much in favour of a pedestrianised city centre and really appreciate the level of open consultation and discussions following feedback that has been raised.’

If you would like to give your views please fill in our feedback form, or please send your views to:

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