My bin wasn't emptied/missed

Missed collections

Please accept our apologies, but we are facing a number of challenges with the collections and as such are focusing on scheduled collections.

Unfortunately this means we will be unable to guarantee a return to reports of missed collections except where the household is an assisted collection.

If your bin has been missed please use our form to report your missed bin (or if you are unable to use the form, call us on 0345 002 0022) and if we are not able to return we will collect excess from the side of your bin on your next collection as follows:

  • Black bin – up to 3 refuse sacks.
  • Garden waste bin – up to 3 open sacks so we can see the contents.
  • Paper and card bag – please secure any excess and leave it next to the bin or place it in a reusable shopping bag that we can empty and return.

Checking collection dates

Visit our bin checker to find out when your bins are due to be emptied.

Please note our crews let us know if there is a problem with anyone's bin which means we cannot empty it - this can range from frozen bins, to the wrong waste put in the bins - find out what can go in each bin.

If the crew have reported an issue with your bin or you have forgotten to put it out on time (no later than 6am on your collection day), we will not be able to empty it until your next scheduled collection. If an issue has been reported, one of our colleagues will email you to let you know (if you report it online) or advise you at the time of your call.

If our crews have not reported an issue with your bin, we will return within three days to empty it. Please leave it out until we do.

Why do missed bins have to be reported by the end of the next working day?

It is necessary to impose a deadline because it allows the truck we use for missed collections to work in a confined zone rather than having to collect from properties across both districts. This improves our efficiency and helps keep the cost of the service down.

Missed bins due to snow and ice

If we have suspended collections due to the weather, please check to find out about catch up rounds.