Bin guide and instructions

We provide weekly bin collections to all homes across Lichfield District and Tamworth Borough. Visit our bin calendar to find out when to put your bins out.

We alternate the bins we empty each week, so one week we will empty your black bin and the next week we'll empty your blue bin.

If you are signed up to the garden waste scheme we will also empty your garden waste bin(s) on a fortnightly basis on the same day as your blue bin.

Sign up to our garden waste scheme

Please make sure your bins are out by 6am by the kerbside (at your usual collection point) on the day of your collection.

We do not finish our rounds before 4.30pm, and sometimes we have to leave a street mid-way through to empty our wagon. If we do this, we will come back to finish the street later.

We are sorry but if your bin was not out by 6am, contained the wrong waste, or is too heavy, we cannot come back to empty it at a later time. We will leave a note on your bin if it is too heavy or is contaminated.

If however your bin was at the kerbside by 6am, did not contain the wrong waste, was not too heavy, and we did not empty it, please report it no earlier than 4.30pm on the day it was supposed to be emptied and no later than midnight on the following day (unless you have an assisted collection). 

If you report it later that this, we will not be able to return to empty it.

Report a missed bin