Bin guide and instructions

Garden waste

We also provide a garden waste service to local homes.

The service is optional and costs £40 a year (per bin) for fortnightly collections (maximum 23 - collections are suspended over the Christmas & New Year period).

The service runs from January to December and costs £40 per calendar year, regardless of when you sign up. If you are signed up, we will empty your brown bin every two weeks (on alternate weeks to your non recyclable waste).

What to put in your garden waste bin: Leaves, weeds, tree and shrub prunings, grass and hedge cuttings, short branches and twigs, garden plants and unwanted windfall fruit/home-grown vegetables that have not been into the house/used in food preparation.

What we cannot collect in your garden waste bin: Food waste (including vegetable peelings), plastic bags or biodegradable liners, cardboard, paper, plant pots, pet waste, soil or turf, or large pieces of wood or branches as these are not easily compostable.

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