Garden waste service


If you would like your garden waste bin(s) emptied, you will need to sign up to our garden waste service. 

Sign up to our garden waste service

Garden waste collections cost £36 a year per bin (regardless of when you sign up) for up to 23 fortnightly collections between the end of January to mid-December. We open sign-up for the following year every November.

We do not offer any discounts for any reason, including late subscribers, benefits claimants, multiple bin subscriptions or infrequent collections (e.g. if you don't fill the bin every two weeks).

You will be asked for your debit/credit card to make a payment. We will then send you a sticker to put on your bin. Your sticker should arrive within ten working days of payment. Once this has been received please stick this on either the front or back of your bin so that the crews can see it when they come to do the collections. Please then put your stickered bin out on your normal collection day before 6.30am.

If you can't afford to sign up, you could:

  • Share the service with your neighbour - one of you will need to subscribe online and then agree to share the costs between yourselves.
  • Start home composting which is a great alternative that is low-cost and also great for the environment and your garden.
  • Take your garden waste to a local household waste recycling centre (tip).

Read our full terms and conditions.