Community governance review - terms of reference


How we propose to conduct consultations during the review

Before making any recommendations or publishing final proposals, we must consult local government electors for the area under review and any other person or body (including a local authority) which appears to us to have an interest in the review. We will therefore:

  • Publish a notice and these terms of reference on the council’s website and arrange for copies to be available for public inspection
  • Send a copy of the notice and these terms of reference to all parish clerks
  • Seek to arrange for the notice to be published on parish council websites and notice boards; and
  • Send a copy of the notice and these terms of reference to all local members of parliament

Before making any recommendations, we will take account of any representations received. We will publish its recommendations as soon as practicable and take such steps as it considers sufficient to ensure that persons who may be interested in the community governance review are informed of the recommendations and the reasons behind them.

We will notify each consultee and any other persons or bodies who have made written representations of the outcome of the review.