Local plan review

We are reviewing our local plan with the aim to create a new local plan that will provide direction on the future growth of the area.

Once adopted it will replace the current local plan strategy (which was adopted in 2015) and the local plan allocations document, which was adopted in July 2019. Until the time the new local plan is adopted we will continue to use the existing local plan when making planning decisions.

The review of the local plan is separate to the on-going work on the local plan allocations document. 

Preferred options and policy directions

The second stage of the local plan review is the preferred options & policy directions document which was consulted upon between 28 January and 18 March 2019. The document provides a framework to guide and promote development as well as protect the quality of the district’s unique historic, natural and build environment. It sets out the levels of growth and seeks your views on a number theme based directions including sustainable communities, homes for the future, economic growth, enterprise and tourism, creating healthy and safe communities, protecting, conserving and enhancing our natural resources and protecting and improving the built environment.

The document and it's supporting documents can be viewed using the links below:

Scope, issues & options document

The first stage of the local plan review - the scope, issues & options document which was consulted upon between 30 April and 11 June 2018. The document began to consider some of the key issues facing the district and a number of potential solutions.

The scope, issues & options document was supported by a number of documents: