New blog helps residents take an inside look at the work of Lichfield District Council

Voices from Lichfield District Council.
Voices from Lichfield District Council aims to keep residents informed of the work done by councillors and officers.

A brand-new blog is offering residents an inside look at the kind of work Lichfield District councillors and officers do on their behalf every day.

Voices from Lichfield District Council will highlight their involvement in everything from development projects and community initiatives to environmental conservation and social programmes providing updates, progress reports and behind the scenes insights.

Through the blog residents can also find out more about their councillors – their backgrounds, interests, aims and achievements - and the essential meetings and decision-making that takes place to keep the district functioning.

The blog’s aims are to illuminate the work of Lichfield District Council so that it is transparent, keep residents informed and encourage community engagement.

And whether visitors are interested in a particular councillor, project or activity the blog’s user-friendly search function will ensure they can navigate through the wealth of content set to be shared over the coming weeks and months.

The Leader of Lichfield District Council, Doug Pullen, said:

“Our members and officers work very hard to improve lives but many of the district’s residents may not be aware of the contribution they make.

“This new blog highlights their tireless activity enabling residents to stay up-to-date with the developments, policies and initiatives that affect them. 

“Lots of great content will be posted regularly so please check out Voices from Lichfield District Council, follow us and stay connected.”

To find out more please visit the blog.

Published: 29 June 2023