Trees and hedges in our parks and open spaces

There are approximately 30,000 trees across our parks and open spaces, including a number of registered woodlands. Beacon Park woodland has the benefit of a Woodland Management Plan, forming a foundation for preserving, protecting and enhancing the woodland.

Park trees

All year round we carry out routine basic tree inspections and maintenance of the tree stock, including selective epicormic growth removal, deadwooding and pollarding, all of which are to enhance and prolong the life of the tree. A more detailed arboriculturalist survey is completed every 1 to 5 years. Please see our parks and open spaces tree survey page for more details. Our tree management procedure also details what can and can’t be attended to, a brief summary of which is detailed below.

What will be attended to:

  • Dead and poor condition trees
  • Unsuitable trees in high risk location

May be attended to:

  • Trees affecting highway safety
  • Trees affecting the safety of people or property

What will not be attended to:

  • Trees obscuring views or blocking light
  • Trees obstructing Solar panels, television or satellite equipment
  • Trees shedding petals, leaves, seeds, pollen, or  sap
  • Trees related to issues with birds or squirrels

More details and possible solutions are detailed within the Tree Management Procedure.

Park hedgerows

A number of parks and open spaces have historical hedgerows benefiting the wildlife, community and natural habitat. A programme of annual hedgerow maintenance is completed across the parks on selected hedgerows, based on the location and condition including:

Ornamental hedgerows in spring and autumn period

  • Beacon Park

Ornamental hedgerows in summer and early autumn period

  • Burntwood Park – partial
  • Chase Terrace Park
  • Mineral Railway Line

Native hedgerows in autumn period

  • Beacon Park
  • Burntwood Park (Elder Lane)
  • Coltman Close (rear only)
  • Duke Road
  • Hayes View
  • Hammerwich Triangle
  • Heritage Court
  • Hospital Road
  • Rowan Drive
  • Shortbutts Park
  • Stables Way
  • Stowe Fields
  • Stychbrook Park