Sustainability appraisal

The policies and proposals contained in the local plan must be appraised to ensure that they contribute to the aims of sustainable development. The SA/SEA document sets out the results of this appraisal for the various local plan documents. 

Lichfield District Scoping Report (July 2019)

Lichfield District Scoping Report (July 2019)

In line with the SEA Regulations, we are issuing this consultation to the Statutory Consultees for this process (Natural England, Historic England and the Environment Agency). In addition we are extending this consultation to other bodies who may have an interest in the document. Consultation will run for five weeks commencing Friday 12th July 2019 and will close on Monday 19th August 2019.

The main revision to the scoping report is to SA objective 1. This is to reflect the implications of the addition of the Greater Birmingham & Black Country Strategic Growth Study 2018 to Section 2 of the Scoping report. The opportunity has also been taken to review and update Sections 2 and 3 of the Scoping report to ensure they remain comprehensive and up to date.

Please send comments to [email protected] by the 19th August 2019.

Local plan review

Local plan allocations

The previous version of the sustainability appraisal can be viewed and downloaded using the links below, due to their size some of the documents are split into several parts:


Local plan allocations scoping report

Local plan strategy