Vote by post

If you are already registered to vote at your current address, you can apply to vote by post instead of at a polling station.

You can apply at any time and don't need to wait for an election to be called.

If you choose to vote by post, your ballot paper(s) will be sent to your registered address around ten days before election day, so it's important to make sure you'll have enough time to return your ballot paper(s) in time.

You may find it more practical to apply to vote by proxy, where you appoint someone else to vote on your behalf.

You will be asked to provide a signature specimen and your date of birth - these are stored securely.

Each time you vote by post, your signature will be checked against the specimen you provided.

If you are unable to sign in a consistent or distinctive way, perhaps because of a disability, you may be granted an exemption, called a waiver.

Apply to vote by post