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Come and talk to our team

If you are considering delivering a strategic or major development in Lichfield District, please talk to our team first.

A strategic or major development includes:

  • Residential development of between 10 or more dwellings.
  • Residential development on a site area of 0.5 ha or more and the number of dwellings is unknown.
  • Development of floorspace of 1,000 sq m or more.
  • Development on sites over 1 ha or more.
  • Change of use over 1,000 sq or more.
  • Mineral extraction.
  • Waste development.

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We always encourage developers of strategic or major developments to engage in pre-application discussions at the earliest possible stage. A pre-application will help to determine: 

  • Whether or not the council is likely to support an application.
  • What package of information is required to submit a planning application.

As part of the pre-application discussion will work to provide advice in relation to policy, design quality, technical matters and the level and content of information necessary to support any planning application. This approach provides a level of certainty to the applicant, and helps to generate quality developments in line with our policies and proposals. Pre-applications also help to provide timely decisions.

Pre-application advice is given without prejudice, and does not prejudge the determination of a subsequent planning application.

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