Lichfield District recycling campaign

Benefits of sponsorship

TogetherWe recycle for good

Brand exposure

Gain widespread visibility among a diverse audience through e-bulletins, social media platforms, press engagement and waste truck advertising, ensuring your brand is seen by thousands of people across Lichfield District and beyond.

Targeted marketing

Reach residents who are actively engaged in recycling and environmental initiatives, increasing the likelihood of brand affinity and customer conversion.

Increased brand recognition

By associating your brand with a community-focused campaign, you enhance brand recall and recognition among local residents. Positive Public Perception: Demonstrate your corporate social responsibility by supporting a cause that directly benefits the community and the environment, thereby fostering a positive perception of your brand.

Networking opportunities

Connect with like-minded businesses and individuals invested in sustainability, potentially leading to valuable collaborations and partnership.

Join us in making a positive impact on the community and raising awareness about the importance of recycling.

By becoming a sponsor of the Lichfield District Council's Recycling Community Campaign, you can maximize your brand exposure, engage with a passionate audience, and demonstrate your commitment to environmental responsibility.