Social value

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Social value is a way for us to give back to the local community.

The idea is that for every pound we spend on the delivery of goods, services, or works, that pound will also produce wider social, economic, or environmental benefits for our district.

The delivery of social value is closely linked to our 2050 strategy.

How does it work?

When we commission goods, services, and works we will consider how that commission can bring more social value benefits to our community.

Social value is a key part of the tender process, especially with our larger contracts.

We evaluate the offer of social value based on ‘additionality’ (what will be provided over and above the core contract). 

Organisations who promise to provide a high level of social value are more likely to be awarded contracts than those who offer little social value.

An example of social value

We recently commissioned Cawarden Co Ltd to demolish the underused multi-story car park on Birmingham Road as part of larger plans to create a new public plaza in the city centre.

Here are just four examples of the thirteen social value commitments that Cawarden are delivering as part of their contract:

  • Active communities - £500 in sponsorship has been given to the Elite Academy of Performing Arts (Lichfield) whose dancers are representing Team England at the Global Dance Open in the Netherlands in July. This sponsorship will help to fund the entire team’s kit and will cover the entrance fee for some of the dancers.
  • Green communities - 97% of materials will be diverted away from landfill. Materials will instead be repurposed, reclaimed, and recycled.
  • Prosperous communities - Site visits and talks will be offered to local primary schools to inspire young people to consider careers within the construction industry.
  • Confident communities - Cawarden will be supporting local community events.