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Local housing allowance

Local housing allowance is the way we work out how much housing benefit private tenants can get to help pay their rent. It is usually paid direct to the person claiming. The amount you receive will depend on the rates for where you live (broad market area), how much you earn and your savings, as well as how many people live with you. Use an online calculator to work out how much housing benefit you could be entitled to if you are a private tenant. 

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How much will I get?

How much support you receive will be calculated using a nationally agreed rate (see below) that takes into account the average cost to rent a property where you live (known as a broad rental market area). It will also depend on how many people live with you, and how many bedrooms you are entitled to.

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What rate applies to me? 

The local housing allowance rates are published once a year in April. These room rates were last updated 1 April 2015.

For most of our district, the mid-Staffs rate applies:

local housing
RoomsWeekly RateMonthly Rate

Shared room rate



1 bedroom (self contained)



2 bedrooms



3 bedrooms



4 bedrooms



But if you live near the borders of Birmingham (such as Little Aston), the Birmingham rate will apply.

local housing
RoomsWeekly RateMonthly Rate

Shared room rate 



1 bedroom (self contained)



2 bedrooms



3 bedrooms



4 bedrooms



The shared room rate applies to most single people under 35, even if you live in self-contained accommodation. The rate of local housing allowance you get may change if you move or the number of bedrooms you need changes.

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Any questions?

If you have any questions, please read our:

There's also lots of information on housing benefit on's website.

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