Private rented housing

keys with house keyring handing on hook

If you have not been able to find a housing association home through Lichfield District Homes, or if you are not eligible for social housing, and are considering renting privately, this section will help you to understand your right and the support we can offer. 

There are a wide range of estate agencies in Lichfield District that offer homes for rent in the local area, as well as many homes being published on national sites, such as To find a local estate agency, we recommend the following google search 'Lichfield District rental agencies'.

Some local housing associations also advertise what they call 'direct lets', which is where people who are not eligible for the housing register can rent from a social landlord. You might find these links useful:

If you are thinking of moving into a house in multiple occupation (that is rented out to five or more people, who form two or more families, and who share facilities such as a bathroom, kitchen, sink or toilet) you need to make sure it has an HMO licence. View our HMO register.