Premises licences

Other premises licence forms

Interim authority notice

If a premises licence holder becomes bankrupt, mentally incapable, ceases to be entitled to work in the UK or suddenly dies, you can apply to us for special arrangements for the continuation of permissions - through an interim authority notice

You can submit an interim authority notice any time up to 28 days of the licence expiry date. 

An interim authority notice can last for up to three months - after which you will need to submit an application to transfer the premises licence.

Notification of an interest in a premises

If you/your business has a property interest in a licensed premises within Lichfield District, you may let us know (by giving us notice) so that we will keep you up to date of any applications, or changes to that premises licence. 

The notice will last for 12 months, and a new notice can be applied for every year if required.

Notification of interest in a premises form