Premises licences

Apply for a provisional statement/premises licences

You will need to apply for a premises licence if you want to provide public entertainment, films or plays, late night refreshment and/or alcohol.

If you are planning to apply for a premises licence, you can first apply for a provisional statement, to get an indication of whether or not you'll get a premises licence. You can apply for a provisional statement for premises that is being/about to be built, extended or altered for one or more licensable activities.

Apply for a provisional statement

To apply for a provisional statement, you'll need to outline your schedule of works and attach plans of the works being done.

A provisional statement does not convert into a premises licence once the construction is complete - you will need to also apply for a premises licence.

A provisional statement application costs £315, so make sure you have your debit or credit card handy.

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Apply for a new premises licence

You can apply and pay for a new premises licence online at the government website.

You will also need to upload a premises plan and a consent form completed by proposed designated premises supervisor (DPS).

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Displaying your licence

You must display the licence summary at your premises where it can be easily seen. The licence will name the DPS.

The other pages of the licence should be kept safely at the premises. Police or council officers can ask to inspect them at any time.