Club premises certificates

You will need a club premises certificate if you’re a social, sporting or political members' club (like a working men’s club, rugby club, or British Legion) and want to:

  • supply alcohol to members or bone fide guests*
  • provide regulated entertainment, like musical performances or film screenings to members or bone fide guests*

If your club holds a club premises certificate, you will not need a personal licence and you will not need to specify a designated premises supervisor.

To qualify for a certificate, your club must make sure that:

  • new members wait two days from their application before getting membership privileges
  • it is established and conducted in good faith
  • it has at least 25 members
  • alcohol is not supplied, or intended to be supplied, to members on the premises by anyone other than the club

Most club premises certificates have an unlimited duration, but you will have to pay an annual fee - view fees.

If you are not a qualifying members' club, or if you decide you want to offer your facilities commercially for use by the general public, then you'll need to apply for a premises licence.

If you believe a club/licensed premises is undermining one or more of the licensing objectives - causing crime and disorder issues, affecting public safety, creating a public nuisance, or causing harm to children, find out how to apply for a review of a club/licensed premises.

For more information download the licensing act government guidance or read our licensing policy

*bona fide guests can include club members, members of affiliate or associated clubs or guests signed in by members.