Report safeguarding concerns

Recognise it and report it  

If you think someone is being abused or you think their safety is at risk, then it is important to tell someone.

Where a crime has been committed or if you're worried about someone's immediate safety, contact the police by dialling 999.

For allegations involving children and young people

Staffordshire Childrens Advice and Support Service - Staffordshire County Council

For allegations involving vulnerable adults  

How to report abuse (

Can I remain anonymous?

You will be asked about your own details but as a member of the public, you can choose to remain anonymous.

What will happen after I've reported my concerns?

What happens next depends on the seriousness of the situation.

In response to a call, trained staff will carry out a careful and sensitive enquiry in line with locally agreed procedures.

The information provided will be discussed with other agencies including the police. Where you have reported a concern about a child or young person, the information will also become part of the child's electronic record.

Meetings may be held to agree what will happen next. Information and advice will be offered so that choices can be made and help given.

Other sources of advice