Conservation areas

About Article 4 Direction

Article 4 Direction is a legal device available to all local authorities enabling them to exert tighter controls on changes to the outside of houses facing a road or open space that could damage the character and appearance of the conservation area.

It does this by requiring owners to obtain planning permission for certain types of development that would otherwise be automatically permitted.

Article 4 Direction and Lichfield District

There are many fine historic buildings within the 21 conservation areas in Lichfield District that are not protected as listed buildings. Nevertheless, these buildings are important to local people because they form part of the familiar and cherished local scene.

We believe that these buildings deserve greater protection from insensitive small scale alterations, which over time erode the special character of these areas.

Lichfield City conservation area has three Article 4 directions. These relate to the town centre and Beacon Street; Mousley Terrace, Frog Lane; and some properties near the junction of Gaia Lane/St Chad’s Road/Curborough Road.

There are also properties within Whittington conservation area and Wigginton conservation areas which have Article 4 directions.

Does an Article 4 Direction affect me?

In addition to the normal requirements for planning permission, the following alterations or demolition would require planning permission as a result of the Article 4 Direction:

  • the installation or alteration of windows and doors
  • the erection of an extension of any size to the side or front of a house
  • alteration to the roof, including changing materials, the insertion of dormer windows or roof lights
  • the addition of a porch to an entrance facing a road or open space
  • The provision of a hard surface within the grounds of a house for the parking of vehicles
  • the alteration, removal or erection of any gate, fence, wall or other means of enclosure within the grounds of a house
  • the painting of the exterior of any part of a house or of a building within the grounds of a house not previously painted
  • the installation or replacement of a satellite antennae
  • rendering walls not previously rendered
  • the alteration or removal of a chimney to the house or any other building within the grounds of the house
  • the painting of any exterior of any building or work within the Lichfield City Centre Conservation Area

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