The historic environment record (HER)

Historic environment records (HERs) are an important starting point for anyone interested in the archaeology, built heritage, and history of an area. They can provide information on a wide variety of buildings and sites, from finds of prehistoric flint tools to medieval castles and Second World War pillboxes.

HERs are a primary source of information for planning, development control work and land management.

HERs are information services that provide access to comprehensive and dynamic resources relating to the archaeology and historic built environment of a defined geographic area. This information is usually held in a database with a digital mapping system (geographic information system). HERs are public records.

Staffordshire County Council manage the Staffordshire's HER, which includes Lichfield District.

Read more about HERs on Staffordshire County Council’s website

Request more detailed information or specialist research by email.

If you require historic environment information for planning-related enquiries, please contact the Staffordshire County Council directly and they will also be able to provide related specialist advice on development management, land management and other historic environment matters.