Listed buildings advice

What if I let my listed building deteriorate?

Owners have the most important role in looking after historic buildings, and many take great pride in the care of their property and in preserving its character and atmosphere.

Modest expenditure on regular maintenance and minor repairs can prevent very serious problems such as dry rot from developing. It is particularly important to check rainwater disposal systems every winter as this can save you a lot of expense and prevent escalating deterioration from occurring.

There are cases however, where, for various reasons, a listed building falls into serious disrepair. In these situations the district council has, as a last resort, powers to require owners to carry out repairs using a repairs notice. The notice specifies what works need to be done and if they are not carried out, we can seek to acquire the property compulsorily.

Where a listed building is unoccupied, we can serve an urgent works notice and carry out emergency works themselves to make the building wind and weather proof. We can then recover the costs, through the courts if necessary, from the owner.

We use these powers reluctantly, but are prepared to do so if necessary to ensure the long term survival of any listed building in the area