Period product support

Period products
Period products

Food banks often stock period products.

Free period products are also available in some supermarkets, bars and restaurants. Look out for signs displayed in the building, often in the toilets.

Morrisons have a scheme for anyone to get some free period products – simply ask for ‘Sandy’ at customer services and you’ll get a discreet bag of items.

Many schools offer free pads and tampons through the government’s period product scheme. If your child’s school or college doesn’t already use this service, share the link with them to register.

There are several charities that help with period products:

Period poverty charity.

Free Periods charity.

Free santiary items 

You can also pick up free sanitary products at the district council house in Frog Lane - either use the downstairs toilet where you will find a variety of items or ask at the reception desk.

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