Councillor allowances

Councillors are not paid a salary. They do, however, receive an annual allowance to reimburse them for time they have spent on council duties and any costs they may incur as a result. Find out more below:

What are councillors paid?

On top of an annual allowance, councillors that hold certain posts, such as chairman, cabinet member or leader of the council, also receive a special responsibility allowance.

All councillors also get an allowance to cover IT and office expenses they may incur whilst carrying out their duties. They can also claim for expenses such as travel.

All councillors are also entitled to claim a carer's allowance if they have to pay for someone to look after a dependent person whilst they are on council duty. 

Councillors' allowances are agreed in May for the following twelve months.

Which councillors get a special responsibility allowance?

Some councillors hold particular roles in the council that require them to spend more time at the council and working on formal council business - these include our chair and vice chair, our leader, deputy leader and cabinet members, committee chairs and vice chairs, and the leader and deputy leader of the principle minority group.

In recognition of their roles and responsibilities, these councillor receive a special responsibility allowance, which differs depending on the role they hold. 

The following roles receive a special responsibility allowance: 

Chair and vice chair

  • Chair of Lichfield District Council*
  • Vice chair of Lichfield District Council*
  • Council leader and cabinet members
  • Committee chairs and vice chairs
  • Leader of the principal minority group
  • Deputy leader of the principal minority group

*These roles can also claim civic duties expenses up to a maximum amount.

Where a councillor could claim more than one special responsibility allowance, the councillor is entitled to claim only one such allowance, which will be the higher of the special responsibility allowances payable.

Other payments

Travelling and subsistence expenses Councillors are also entitled to claim travelling and subsistence expenses when performing council duties.

Overnight expenses Councillors who attend an annual conference approved by the council, and stay away from home for one or more nights, may also claim £25 a night to cover out-of-pocket expenses.

Carers' allowance If a councillor has to pay for the care of a dependant (a child under the age of 14, an elderly person aged over 60, a disabled person, or someone with learning difficulties) whilst they are on council duties, and the dependant normally lives with them, they are then reimbursed up to a maximum limit.