Councillor allowances

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Councillors are not paid a salary, but receive an annual allowance to reimburse them for time they have spent on council duties and any costs they may incur as a result. 

Councillors that hold certain posts, such as chairman, cabinet member or leader of the council, also receive a special responsibility allowance.

All councillors also:

  • get an allowance to cover IT and office expenses they may incur whilst carrying out their duties. 
  • are entitled to claim travelling and subsistence expenses when performing council duties.
  • may claim £25 a night to cover out-of-pocket expenses if they attend a conference approved by the council and stay away from home for one or more nights.

If a councillor has to pay for the care of a dependant (a child under the age of 14, an elderly person aged over 60, a disabled person, or someone with learning difficulties) whilst they are on council duties, and the dependant normally lives with them, they are also able to claim carer's allowance.