Food business guide

Guidance on setting up your premises

The Food Standards Agency produces a large number of leaflets, posters and information packs which provide useful start-up information for food businesses. Many are free of charge and available in various languages.

The FSA leaflet starting up - your first steps to running a catering business is a great place to start.

The basic requirements for premises where food is handled are quite simple. These include:

  • Rooms must be kept clean.
  • Walls, floors and surfaces must be smooth, water resistant, and easy to clean. 
  • There must be hand washing facilities and suitable refuse arrangements.
  • Equipment must be suitable, clean and well maintained.

Some businesses will also have specific requirements.

Home catering

Read our guidance on home based food businesses.

If you are converting, or making changes to a building, in order to open a food business please speak to our team, before you start work to avoid costly mistakes.

For advice and guidance, we recommend you book a free thirty-minute phone consultation. Appointments are available Monday - Friday, 2pm - 4.30pm.

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