Housing strategies and policies

Disabled facilities and energy grants

Many residents have the resources to maintain and repair their own homes. However, some may need help, especially residents who are elderly, on a low income or have disabilities.

This policy details the grants available and who is eligible to apply.

We currently have the following assistance available:

  • Mandatory disabled facilities grants – these grants are available to help a disabled person live safely and as independently as possible in their home. In order to qualify for these grants, they must meet the eligibility criteria detailed in the policy.
  • Discretionary disabled facilities grants – we have a number of grants available for people with disabilities in addition to the mandatory grants we offer, including help with moving costs if your current home cannot be adapted to your needs.
  • Energy efficiency grants - these grants are to help you reduce your fuel bills and keep your home warm.

Details of the grants available and the eligibility criteria are in our housing assistance policy.

Download our housing assistance policy