Energy saving advice and grants

Energy grants

If you need to improve the energy efficiency of your home, or are struggling to stay warm in winter/afford your energy bills, our Warmer Homes, Greener District freephone advice line (provided on our behalf by Beat the Cold) could help.

The help line offers impartial over-the-phone advice on:

  • How to stay warmer in winter.
  • Problems with heating and hot water.
  • Fuel bills, fuel debt and dealing with energy suppliers.
  • What grants and assistance is currently available.
  • Energy efficiency improvements and renewable technologies.

The team can also help you access grants and other financial assistance to improve the energy efficiency of your home or to help pay energy bills.

Call the energy advice line for free on 0800 677 1543.

Advice for vulnerable households

We want to make sure that as many vulnerable households as possible are able to benefit from assistance towards the cost of energy efficiency measures.

By participating in a new initiative called flexible eligibility we are able to offer additional support for households on a low income and who:

  • live in a cold home with EPC rating of E, F or G; or
  • have a long term health condition made worse by living in a cold home.

To read more about Flexible Eligibility and our qualifying criteria download our statement of intent.

To speak to someone about this scheme, find out whether you are eligible call the energy advice line for free on 0800 677 1543.

Staffordshire Warmer Homes

Staffordshire Warmer Homes is a scheme run by Staffordshire County Council, in partnership with district and borough councils. Its goal is to combat fuel poverty across the county and help residents to heat their homes for less using greener and more energy efficient solutions. Find out more.