Scrap metal licences

Apply for a collector's licence

If you wish to collect scrap metal you will need a licence. 

The licence allows collectors to operate in the area of the issuing local authority.

It does not allow the collector to operate in any other local authority area, so you will need separate licences issued by the councils responsible for each of the areas you wish to operate in.

The licence does not authorise you to operate a site - to do so you will also need a site licence from the relevant local authority (i.e. where your site is based).

Licences last for three years and must be renewed - trading without a licence is a criminal offence.

The cost of the licence is £248 

Apply for a scrap metal collector's licence

Please send your completed application form and payment of £248 (please make cheques payable to Lichfield District Council) to:

Licensing team, Lichfield District Council, Frog Lane, Lichfield, WS13 6ZD