Sex shop and adult cinema licence

How to apply

Your application must include:

  • your personal details (including any criminal convictions)
  • an application fee
  • any relevant supporting documents

Once you’ve applied for a licence you must:

  • publish an advert about your application in a local newspaper
  • display a notice about your application in or near your premises for 21 days

Application form for a sex shop/adult cinema licence

Please email completed application forms to Once you have emailed your completed form, please call 01543 308000 to make the payment.


Application fee £1,000
Grant licence £   650
Renewal £   930
Variation to licence £   330
Transfer of licence  £   310


Don't forget - you’ll need to renew your licence every year.

To find out more, including the latest fees, contact the licensing team on 01543 308066