Ordnance survey maps for sale

We sell Ordnance Survey maps for use within planning applications only.

How to buy a map

To buy your Ordnance Survey maps, just pop into our Frog Lane Reception in Lichfield City centre, Monday - Friday, 10am - 4pm, or call the team on 01543 308179.

You'll need to know the location you want the map to feature and the scale you want the map produced at.

How much do the maps cost?

  • £20.00 for 6 copies A4 (Scale 1:500) 
  • £25.00 for 6 copies A4 (Scale 1:1250) 
  • £35.00 for 6 copies A3 (Scale 1:1250) 
  • £45.00 for 6 copies A4 (Scale 1:2500)

Help and guidance

For advice on what kind of maps you need to buy and how you can use them, call the team on 01543 308179.

Note on copyright

The copyright of all maps sold remains with the Ordnance Survey and the maps should not be reproduced or re-used in any way, other than within planning applications.