Council leader repeats pledge to support Afghan re-settlement

Doug Pullen

Council Leader Councillor Doug Pullen re-states our commitment to playing an active role in helping with Afghan refugee re-settlement.

This week Afghanistan has fallen back under the control of the Taliban leading to thousands of people attempting to flee to country. The UK government has said it will work with international partners and other countries to re-settle up to 20,000 Afghan refugees in the UK, with up to 5,000 eligible for refugee status in the first year.

Councillor Doug Pullen, Leader of Lichfield District Council, said:

“We have all watched the distressing scenes in Afghanistan and the growing confusion and uncertainty about the freedom and safety of minority communities, women and girls.  

Earlier in the year Lichfield District Council made a strong commitment to supporting efforts to re-settle Afghan interpreters and their families. In the light of recent events that promise is needed now more than ever as we work with local partners to put plans in place to support all those from Afghanistan who are granted refugee status in the UK.

“The re-settlement process requires significant co-ordinated resources from a range of public service providers to ensure refugees are resettled safely and can integrate successfully into their new communities but I am convinced that we have the will, and the skills locally, and across Staffordshire, to do what is needed. 

“The support required will go far beyond providing immediate shelter. Mental health support, education, food, medicine, and the other resources will be necessary to help people integrate into our local community but I am confident that I can count on local organisations and communities to step forward when the time comes."


Published: 20 August 2021