Fly-tipping on three lanes in Lichfield District

Waste material was dumped in Raikes Lane, near Shenstone last Thursday.
A Cleansing Team member clears fly-tipped material in Raikes Lane near Shenstone.

The council is urging anyone with information about three incidents of fly-tipping to come forward.

On Thursday 19 May officers were called out to remove piles of waste that had been dumped in Abnalls Lane, Lichfield, Little Pipe Lane near Chorley and Raikes Lane, Shenstone.

The team cleared bedding, furniture, timber, carpet, textiles and plastic which had been left obstructing each lane.

The council is appealing to anyone who recognises any of the rubbish, saw it being loaded onto a vehicle or witnessed it being dumped, to make a report here or call the council on 01543 308999.

Councillor Elizabeth Little, Cabinet member for Waste and Recycling, said:

“Fly-tipping causes disruption, is unsightly and impacts on the district’s taxpayers because the rubbish has to be cleared and removed.

“We will go through all the fly-tipped rubbish to look for evidence and prosecute the culprits if they are identified.

“Anyone with information is asked to report it to us as quickly as possible to help us with our investigations.

“We also wish to take this opportunity to remind residents and businesses that they need to ensure that any contractors they use have a waste carrier’s licence.

“The responsibility, or duty of care, is on the person who employs the contractor. This means you could be fined if someone you hire to undertake a house clearance, gardening or building work goes on to illegally dump any of your waste.”

Published: 24 May 2022