New payment machines will improve parking experience in The Friary Car Park

The Friary Car Park.
A pay on exit system is in place at Friary car park.

Work has commenced on the installation of new payment machines at The Friary Car Park in Lichfield to make parking more convenient for customers.

The facility on The Friary, which is currently pay and display, is being changed to a pay on exit system with the help of ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technology.

As customers drive into the car park the ANPR camera will pick up the Vehicle Registration Number and begin recording the duration of the vehicle’s stay.

When returning to the car park to leave customers will simply enter their registration number in the payment machine which will charge them the correct tariff for the period they have been parked. 

Customers will be able to pay by cash, credit and debit card or use smart devices such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Once payment has been received the barrier will rise as they drive up to exit. 

The Friary Car Park sits on the same site as Franciscan View, a retirement housing complex. Residents and permit holders will be on an approved white list and will be able to park up and leave without payment.

Visitors and contractors of Franciscan View will be able to access a tablet in the reception foyer to remove their vehicle from payment. 

Lichfield District Council leader, Councillor Doug Pullen, said:

“We are delighted work has begun on the new payment machines at The Friary Car Park.

“The new pay on exit system, provided by Flowbird Smart City UK Ltd, will greatly improve the experience for customers as it removes any worry about having to return by a certain time associated with pay and display.

“The ANPR technology makes this possible.

“It is not being introduced to enforce but to record the time a vehicle spends in the car park and establish the correct tariff charge.

“Work to install the new machines is scheduled to be completed in early December.”

Danny Hassett, Managing Director of Flowbird Smart City UK Ltd, said:

“Flowbird project teams have commenced work on the installation of a number of Pay and Display machines, which is progressing well.

“We hope to complete the whole project with minimal disruption to the council and public.”

Published: 18 November 2022