Company fined for burning wood in Smoke Control Area

G. E. Collis and Sons were prosecuted at Newcastle Magistrates Court.
The case was heard at Newcastle Magistrates Court on Monday.

A Burntwood company has been fined for breaking smoke control regulations following a prosecution by Lichfield District Council.

G. E. Collis & Sons Ltd was charged with the offence of emitting smoke from the chimney of a building in a designated Smoke Control Area, after burning wood in a boiler between 9 February 2022 and 30 March 2022, at its premises in Queens Drive, Chasetown.

Under The Clean Air Act 1993 the emission of smoke from a chimney in a Smoke Control Area is prohibited unless an authorised fuel is being burned or an exempt appliance is being used.

At Newcastle Magistrates Court on Monday 5 December, G. E. Collis & Sons Ltd told the court it was not aware at first that wood could not be burned on its boiler or that a now ex-employee had continued to do so.

The company was sentenced to a £1,000 fine, reduced to £660 in recognition of its guilty plea with costs of £667.75 (total £1,327.75) and ordered to pay within 14 days.

Lichfield District Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing, Ecology and Climate Change, Councillor Angela Lax, said:

“The aim of a Smoke Control Area is to prevent air pollution that affects the environment and can have a serious impact on health.

“In this case the company was in clear breach of the regulations, and I welcome the court’s acknowledgement of this with a suitable penalty.

“We will investigate any reports of smoke emitted from chimneys in Lichfield District’s Smoke Control Areas and take appropriate action against offenders.”

There are a number of Smoke Control Areas in the district where you can’t emit smoke from a chimney unless you are burning authorised fuel or using an exempt appliance.

For more information visit the Lichfield District Council website

Published: 9 December 2022