New ‘Design Code’ will improve quality of housing development in Lichfield District

Design code

Work has started on a brand-new set of guidelines for housing development in the Lichfield District to ensure that future homes meet residents’ expectations for design, quality, beauty and sustainability.

The Local Design Code, which developers will have to follow, is being devised to preserve the district’s unique character and heritage for all scales of development – from the planning of major housing developments to householder extensions and alterations.

Its aim is to improve design quality as part of major reforms to the planning system proposed by the Government in 2020.

The Local Design Code is a Supplementary Planning Document which will provide good design requirements covering:

  • Context –  local character and built heritage
  • Movement – street design and transport types
  • Nature – design of green infrastructure and the protection of biodiversity
  • Built Form – a coherent pattern of development
  • Identity – character of buildings
  • Public space – design of streets and public spaces
  • Uses – places to work, shop and play
  • Homes and buildings – space standards and accessibility
  • Resources – addressing sustainability and climate change adaptation
  • Lifespan – creating and maintaining a legacy

Lichfield District Council’s Cabinet member for Housing, Ecology and Climate Change, Councillor Angela Lax, said:

“What has been missing from the planning system is the ability for planning authorities to make sure developers meet the clear expectations of what residents want in terms of design, quality, beauty and sustainability.

“The aim of the Local Design Code is to reflect, through detailed consultation, good quality design approved by residents. Once created, the Local Design Code must be followed by developers when submitting planning applications.”

Details of a planned programme of stakeholder engagement around the Local Design Code will be published soon.

For more information about the Local Design Code please visit the Government's website

Published: 24 January 2023