Flower bed in Lichfield is a ‘thank you’ from Ukrainian guests to people of the district

Ukraine flower plant
The flower bed was planted at the site of the remains of Lichfield’s Franciscan Friary last week.

Ukrainian people living in Lichfield after fleeing the Russian invasion of their homeland have planted a special flower bed in the city as a ‘thank you’ for the welcome they have received.

Supported by Lichfield District Council, Lichfield City Council and Lichfield Litter Legends the Ukrainian guests have created the flower bed at the Franciscan Friary Garden in The Friary featuring blue and yellow flowering plants to represent the Ukrainian flag.

The idea for the flower bed was suggested by Svitlana Shpykuliak, one of dozens of Ukrainian guests who have taken sanctuary in Lichfield since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February last year.

Svitlana, who helps to keep the city tidy as a member of Lichfield Litter Legends, is delighted with the result.

She said:

“I am very happy that this flower bed has become a reality.

“It is very important to us that we give something back to the people of Lichfield to show our gratitude for the support we have received.

“The flowers represent our national flag colours, blue on the top representing the sky and yellow on the bottom representing wheat.”

Svitlana thanked Lichfield District Council, Lichfield City Council and Lichfield Litter Legends who all worked together to help the Ukrainian guests deliver the project with funding, a plot and a plaque.

Paul Niven, a Community Gardener at Lichfield District Council, said:

“I’m very pleased to have been asked to design the border. Planted with our Ukrainian guests, it is truly stunning and attracted many compliments as we were planting.

“At the front of the border there are some locally grown, yellow and blue Polyanthus planted in a drift to represent the Ukrainian flag.

“The rear section is a mixture of shrubs. I've selected Choisya “Sundance” (yellow foliage with small white flowers in the summer) and Ceanothus Thyrsiflorus Repens. (green foliage with blue flowers in the summer.)

“Both are evergreen, so to give a bit of variation I have included some Caryopteris ‘Worcester gold’ (yellow foliage / blue flowers in late summer, deciduous).

“Also included is some Rosmarinus Officinalis, (Rosemary) which is planted as a symbol of remembrance, friendship and love.”

Published: 21 March 2023