New city streets to be named after Lichfield’s fallen war heroes

couple stand in front of war memorial

Lichfield District Council is attempting to trace the relatives of 11 fallen World War heroes following a proposal that new streets on a housing development in the city be named after the servicemen.

It has been suggested by Lichfield City Council that ten streets in the residential area south of Shortbutts Lane honour sons of the city whose names are commemorated in the Garden of Remembrance.

Lichfield District Council is responsible for street naming and is now seeking any members of the heroes’ families to let them know of the proposal and, where possible, gain their consent to use the names.

The names of the men who served in World War I are G. W. P. Abraham, E. T. Bagnall, A. C. Child, C. Davis, T. J. Eaton, H. Flanagan, L. L. Harper, E. C. Keble and E. Rae-Jones.

The names of the men who served in World War II are A. E. Bagnall, W. G. Godwin.

It is hoped their surnames will be used on the proposed streets:  Abraham Avenue, Keble Drive, Eaton Croft, Bagnall Close, Flanagan Road, Davis Drive, Child Close, Harper Grove, Rae-Jones Close and Godwin Drive.

Councillor Robert Strachan, Lichfield District Council’s Cabinet Member for Finance and Commisioning, said: “We are proud of the Lichfield men who served in World War I and II and feel it is appropriate to continue to honour the memory of those who died in these conflicts by naming new roads after them as we have previously.

“As part of the street-naming process, we need to give any relatives the opportunity to tell us if they would rather the names are not used. So, if you are a descendant of any of the men whose names have been chosen, please get in touch to tell us if you give your consent.”

If you are a relative of any of the men, please contact Katie Badger, GIS Officer, by calling 01543 308763 or emailing by 5pm on 16 June.

Published: 5 June 2023