Birmingham Road development phasing plan released

A proposed idea of what the BRS will look like in 2027 based on the new phasing animation.

The five-year development plan for the Birmingham Road site was launched at the Staffordshire Ambassador Event held at Lichfield Cathedral on Tuesday 11 July.

An animation has been released showing how the site will evolve through key development phases over the next five years. 

Councillor Doug Pullen, Leader of Lichfield District Council, and Phil Murphy, Development Director of Evolve Estates talked about the partnership between the two organisations and how this is facilitating work on the site.

Doug Pullen says: “I have long advocated that this site would need to be developed in smaller phases to attract developers and investment interest. This animation represents the extensive discussions, negotiations, site assessment and agreements that are needed in order to progress a site of such opportunity in Lichfield.  

“The temporary car park will be installed soon and then the multi-story car park will be removed to allow us to connect to Three Spires shopping centre and the new cinema which will open next year.

Our partnership with Evolve Estates is ensuring that the gateway project, the new cinema, is now progressing and it is genuinely exciting and inspiring to know that we are finally making some progress that residents will be able to see.

The phasing animation will be updated to show progress on site and the web cameras will be recording development in the new cinema very soon.

Published: 12 July 2023