Annual report shows how Lichfield District council uses customer feedback to improve services

District Council House
Lichfield District Council's Annual Customer Feedback Report has been published.

Lichfield District Council has published its annual customer feedback report that sets how the council uses customer feedback to positively shape and improve local services.

The report also shows the level of feedback the council receives - from stage one and two complaints, through to MP enquiries, ombudsman enquiries, and compliments.

In terms of complaints, the number of stage one complaints investigated by council teams dropped by 17% compared to the previous year, however the number of stage one complaints upheld or partially upheld increased. The apologies the council issued are detailed in the annual report, along with what the council has done to improve services as a result – from delivering staff training, through to reviewing processes and boosting staff resources. The report also shows that the number of stage two complaints upheld or partially upheld dropped compared to the previous year.

Teams across the council received 45 compliments last year. The most complimented team was planning, which had been the most complained about service the previous year.

Lichfield District Council’s Customer Services Manager Claire Penny said:

"Customer feedback is vital, whether it’s positive, negative or just advice on how we could do something better. It helps us to shape our services and focus on areas where things need to be improved. If you feel something we are doing needs to be improved, or if you are pleased with the way we have delivered a local service, please do let us know."

The annual report also details how the council is working to publish more data sets online so that fewer people need to submit Freedom of Information requests and can find the information online at the click of a button. See the council’s frequently asked FOIs online. 

Claire added:

“I hope that our annual customer feedback report shows we take feedback seriously and will always use it to improve how we serve our communities. To give your views, please visit”

The annual review is now available to view online.

Published: 2 August 2023