Campaign sees 280 blades collected in knife bins across the district

PCs Clayton-Tang, Harris and Ford are pictured with the blades collected in knife bins across the Lichfield District.
PCs Clayton-Tang, Harris and Ford with the blades collected in knife bins across the Lichfield District.

Lichfield District’s backing of a National Youth Anti-Violence campaign has seen 280 blades collected in four special knife bins in just 12 weeks.

The knife bins were permanently secured at four locations in July; at Tesco Extra in Church Street, Lichfield; Morrisons in Beacon Street, Lichfield; Morrisons in Burntwood and at Burntwood Leisure Centre and the blades collected will now be melted down and recycled.

The bins have been funded by the Staffordshire Commissioner for Police, Fire and Rescue and Crime Ben Adams through the Locality Deal Fund and are a part of a package of work aimed at deterring young people from carrying knives and alerting them to the dangers and consequences of doing so.

Yvonne James, Principal Community Safety Officer at Lichfield District Council said:

“Our levels of knife crime are still low compared to neighbouring areas, however having 280 knives disposed of in our knife bins in only 12 weeks, is an incredible achievement.  That’s 280 knives that are out of circulation, that cannot now be used in crime, or cause harm. 

“Not only that, some of these would have just been placed in normal household waste and then taken to landfill but instead are now going to be melted down and the metal recycled by the British Ironworks Centre in Oswestry.”

Lichfield District Council’s Cabinet Member for Community Engagement, Councillor Richard Cox, said:

“Seeing 280 knives that have been placed in the knife bins in Lichfield and Burntwood in just 12 weeks, clearly demonstrates the importance of ensuring knives are safely disposed of.

“The implications of knife crime are devasting to those affected and therefore I believe it appropriate that the Council raises awareness to the dangers of knife crime and keeping our communities safe.”

Inspector Karen Green, Deputy Commander of Lichfield Local Policing Team, said:

“In 12 weeks we have seen 280 knives disposed of through our local knife bins. Our knife bins are available to the public 24/7 to deposit knives and other weapons safely and they are very successful in removing thousands of knives from our streets, homes and communities every year. Please continue to use these bins.

“We continue to work as a partnership to divert people away from involvement in knife crime, gangs and violence in general and towards other activities, such as sports and volunteering.

“If you have information about someone who carries a knife, then you can tell us by reporting it online or by ringing 101.

“If you want to report anonymously, please do so via”


Published: 8 November 2023