Lichfield fly-tipper convicted

A photo of the waste found off Plantation Lane, Mile Oak, in February 2022.
The waste found off Plantation Lane, Mile Oak, in February 2022.

A man has been convicted of fly-tipping builders’ waste on farmland off Plantation Lane in Mile Oak in February 2022.

Lichfield District Council brought the prosecution against Patrick Doherty of Mile Oak Caravan Park in Bonehill Road following an investigation by its environmental health officers.  Doherty had previously pleaded not guilty to the offences, but the 43-year-old then failed to appear for his trial at Cannock Magistrates’ Court on 30 January 2024.  The case was heard in his absence. 

The magistrates heard that an environmental health officer was on duty and spotted the waste at the entrance to a field whilst passing.  On searching the waste, the officer found evidence connecting it to an address in Wolverhampton.  Officers then visited that address where they found a green Mitsubishi tipper, registration number GN14 WCO, parked up whilst work was being done to the property. 

The owner of the property confirmed that Doherty had been paid to do building work and to dispose of the waste.  The vehicle was traced to Mile Oak Caravan Park, just 230 metres from where the offence was committed.  Doherty was then questioned by environmental health officers.

The magistrates convicted Doherty of three offences under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.  As fly tipping is an imprisonable offence, the magistrates issued an arrest warrant so that Doherty could be brought before the court to be sentenced.

After the hearing Bob Harrison, the Chair of Lichfield Litter Legends, said:

"We have up to 50 people every week giving up their time to keep the local area clear of litter and fly-tipping so it's brilliant for us to see this action being taken by the council. Lichfield Litter Legends already has more than 400 local volunteers and we're always welcoming new members if people want to help make a difference to their community."

Cabinet member Councillor Alex Farrell added: 

“As a local councillor for Mile Oak, this case was particularly important for me and my community.

“Our street cleansing team, and local volunteers, are already working incredibly hard to keep the district clean. 

“To reduce fly tipping, it’s essential that people make reasonable checks before paying others to dispose of their waste.  This should include checking that the person is a registered waste carrier and keeping a record of person and their vehicle. 

“This case demonstrates the lengths that our officers will go to bring these people to justice, as fly tipping will not be tolerated in Lichfield District.  I’d encourage Doherty to hand himself in at a police station as soon as possible.”      


Published: 1 February 2024