Lichfield City Centre Pedestrianisation Trial Enters Final Six Months with a Simplified Scheme in Place from Monday 4 March 2024

A photo of Conduit Street in Lichfield city centre.
Adjustments have been made to the trial pedestrianisation scheme in Lichfield city centre following extensive engagement with the community.

Lichfield District Council is launching the final six months of the pedestrianisation trial in Lichfield city centre and it has been updated to make the rules simple to understand and implement. The changes have been made following ongoing engagement with and feedback from local businesses, resident

Key Adjustments to the Pedestrianisation Scheme

After extensive engagement with the community, the following refined measures will be implemented from this coming Monday:

Deliveries: There are no restrictions on delivery times; deliveries can be made at any time to support local businesses.

Permit Holders: Access will remain unrestricted for permit holders, ensuring minimal disruption to their daily activities.

Blue Badge Holders: They will be able to drive to Bore Street only to access blue badge bays and there will be no stopping in any other part of the pedestrianised area permitted to ensure a safe and accessible environment for all pedestrians.

Taxis: To enhance pedestrian safety taxis will not be permitted access to the pedestrianised areas at any time.

The roads included in the pedestrianisation trial include Tamworth Street, Conduit Street, Bore Street, Market Street, Breadmarket Street, Dam Street, Bird Street, and Sandford Street.

A Safer, More Attractive, and Environmentally Friendly City Centre

Janice Silvester-Hall, Lichfield District Council Cabinet Member for High Streets & Visitor Economy said today:

“The council is committed to transforming Lichfield city centre into a safer, more attractive destination for both visitors and residents.

“Pedestrianisation aims to make it safer for people to walk on the streets and therefore making the city centre a healthier place for everyone.

“Over the last 12 months we have listened to many different opinions from people, businesses and groups across the city and the refinements to the trial have been made in response to those submissions. 

“We have also heard from many people who really want the pedestrianisation scheme to be a success and I am pleased to see it moving into the final phase of the trial in a way that people can support.”

Monitoring and Enforcement

During the trial's final six months, the new restrictions will be closely monitored, and enforcement measures will be in place to ensure compliance. Fines will be applicable for violations of the pedestrianisation rules.

Your Feedback Matters

The council continues to welcome feedback from the community during this last six months of the trial. At the end of the six months the final decision on pedestrianisation in the city centre will be made. Thoughts are welcomed by contacting Martin Gritt at, calling 01543 308000, or writing to Pedestrianisation Scheme Views, Lichfield District Council, Frog Lane, Lichfield, WS13 6YU.


Published: 28 February 2024