Barbecues in our parks

We generally allow barbecues in our parks and open spaces, but we expect you to be sensible with them. This includes the following advice…

  • Do not scorch the grass, ground or picnic tables.
  • Do not leave barbecues unattended.
  • Do not litter, including the tin tray.
  • Do not put the tin tray in the bin when it is still hot.
  • Make sure it’s cool when you dispose of it by dowsing it in water. Please bring a bottle of water with you to help with this.
  • Do not place your barbecue close to play areas, pitches or roads.
  • Do not use any accelerants (petrol, methylated spirits etc) to light a barbecue.
  • Dispose of the ash discreetly – we do not want to see it.
  • Don’t light a barbecue when we’re in the middle of a dry spell.
  • We do not allow barbecues at some of our large events, such as Lichfield Proms in Beacon Park. Please check with event organisers beforehand.
  • If the police, fire service or council officers request that you put out your barbecue, we expect park users to follow this instruction.