Talk to us about a major development

Developers on site at a building site

We work with our trading company, Lichfield West Midlands Traded Service (LWMTS) to provide pre-application support to developers bringing major and strategic applications to the district.

The team at LWMTS also process major and strategic planning applications up to the point of decision including:

  • Residential developments of 30 (or capacity for) or more dwellings.
  • Any development on major site areas where number of units is unknown.
  • Development of floorspace of 1,000 sq m or more.
  • Development on sites over 0.5 ha or more.
  • Any proposed schemes that are of a more complex nature by virtue of scale or potential significant impact, and/or present matters of strategic planning concern. 
  • Mineral extraction.
  • Waste development.

We are very keen to enter into planning performance agreements (PPA) with developers. PPAs foster positive joint working between developers and our team, and can also help to bring together other parties such as statutory consultees.

A planning performance agreement is volutary and is agreed prior to the application being submitted, and can be a useful focus of pre-application discussions about the issues that will need to be addressed.

If you are considering delivering a strategic or major development in Lichfield District and want to find out more about how a PPA could help, please contact Artemis Ansell, Director of Planning & Regeneration at LDC and LWTMS.

Email Artemis Ansell