Pre-apps for householders and non major applications

If you need planning permission, we recommend you consider using our pre-app service - this can save you time and money in the long-run.

Advice will be given by a planning officer and different fees apply depending on the size of your development.

We also recommend you double check you need planning permission first, as some projects, such as internal building alterations (unless you are in a listed building), may only require building regulations, which are handled by our building control service. But it's best to check first.

Pre-application advice cannot guarantee that your planning application will accepted - this is because we may not be aware of all issues at the pre-app stage, and won’t be able to consider any comments or responses that are made once an application has been submitted.

That said, it can help speed up the planning process as any potential problems can be highlighted before you submit your application.

Pre-apps cost from just £63 for householder applications.

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