Climate change resources

Climate change and carbon neutral resources

We want everyone across Lichfield District to join with us in taking action to get to carbon neutral. Individual acts all add up and localised actions really count!

This page includes links to what we are doing, along with a variety of resources where residents and organisations are working to make a real difference. Together we can.

Carbon reduction action plan

We have declared a climate and a nature recovery emergency. Our carbon reduction action plan sets out our plan as a district council to achieve carbon neutrality across the district by 2050.


Recent news: Biodiversity Net Gain in the news The ‘Lichfield Model’ was highlighted at District Council Network's annual conference in St Albans in March 2023. The model aims to create bigger, better, and connected wildlife habitats through early implementation of Biodiversity Net Gain rules. Find out more

Useful web resources

Find out about our biodiversity projects across the district

Find out how to recycle your plastics.

Find out about home composting

Find out what happens to your waste

Visit our electric car charging page to find information on our charging points inside the Friary car park in Lichfield city centre.  

Read our local plan evidence base relating to climate change, renewables and low carbon energy

Local groups

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust carries out conservation projects all over the county to protect our special landscapes and wildlife. Their vision is to create a Living Landscape in Staffordshire. The Living Landscape concept involves focussing efforts on improving the wider landscape to make it a better place for wildlife. As well as continuing to protect and expand core areas of high quality habitat, such as nature reserves, the Trust is investing energy into the land in between these core areas – the farmland, gardens, parks, allotments, community areas, school grounds and even golf courses - to make them into places that can support wildlife.

Transition Lichfield acts as an umbrella organisation to showcase sustainable initiatives, with lots of ideas and tips for residents and engages with local councillors and businesses on strategies to get to NetZero.

Garden Organic ave launched Waste Savvy Staffs, in partnership with with Staffordshire County Council, to encourage residents to reduce, reuse and recycle to encourage less waste. They have lots of good tips particularly on recycling (less plastic), food waste reduction and composting. Their ambition is to reduce the impact that poorly disposed waste has on our environment.

Whittington & Fisherwick Environment Group The parishes of Whittington and Fisherwick, in South Staffordshire, are aiming to become one of the first low carbon communities in the United Kingdom. By acting as a real community we can learn from each other, help one another and create a real sense of momentum and local pride.

Southern Staffordshire Community Energy is a community benefit society run entirely by volunteers that provide installations of PV on buildings for the local area. In 2011 and 2016, SSCE raised the funds through two community share issues for two separate projects, which consisted of us commissioning the installation of PV panels on a number of community and hospital buildings in Staffordshire.

Countryside & Parks Conservation Group gives people a chance to play an important part in local conservation and to learn practical skills that are used to manage habitats and to conserve and encourage rare and protected species to thrive. Volunteers will work alongside Lichfield District Council's parks team who are ready to answer any questions you might have about conservation.

Lichfield Freecycle also aims to reduce the amount of rubbish we throw away by giving people an opportunity to give away things that they don't need. Before you book a bulky/scrap collection or take your unwanted items to the tip, why not find out if you can donate it? 

Repair cafes 

Why not consider bringing your broken items to one of the local Repair Cafes to see if they can be fixed, vs thrown away. Visit the Repair Café website or email the team for more information.

Lichfield's Repair Cafe

  • Third Saturday of the month 
  • 2 - 5pm
  • Curborough Community Centre

Burntwood Repair Cafe

  • First Saturday of the month 
  • 10am and 1pm
  • St Joseph’s RC Church.

Thinking about moving to an electric car?

If you are thinking about moving to an electric car, a local man Mark is keen to share his experiences with you. Mark has made the transition from an ICE (internal combustion engine) to an electric car and in doing so has carried out in-depth research on all the issues. He has real world experience of the pros and the cons. Contact Mark if you have any questions.