Guidance for host families

Local checks

We must welcome families to Staffordshire safely, in a way that protects everyone from harm by making sure we have the checks and safeguards in place for both those fleeing the conflict and those opening their homes to strangers.

To help us achieve this, we will be undertaking a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Check as well as undertaking checks against information we hold about you, including through children’s and adult social care. We will also be undertaking a visit is to ensure your accommodation and living arrangements are suitable for your guests.

During your property visit:

  • We will check the sponsor details and those of any Ukrainian guests.
  • An inspection of internal living areas will be completed to ensure:
    • Smoke alarms are fitted in appropriate locations on each floor and working when tested.
    • Carbon monoxide alarms fitted in every room with a solid fuel appliance and working when tested.
    • A gas safety certificate (if gas is used in the property) is available and dated within the last 12 months.
    • The electrics that appear safe (no exposed cables or excessive use of extensions etc.)
    • The property has sufficient heating and hot water.
    • Rooms are of adequate size to accommodate the sponsor and their guest(s).
    • Facilities for cooking and cleaning are adequate.
    • Bathroom(s) are adequate.
    • The property is almost entirely free from damp and mould.
    • The property is secure.

Please allow our visiting officer access to all areas of your property.

If the property is to be for the sole use of the guests, without a live-in sponsor, then more detailed checks will be required.