Landscaping and trees on new developments

Maintenance of trees on new developments

Watering new trees is vital for their establishment. This is particularly important in our district because our soil tends to be mainly sand and gravel, which drains very quickly. If newly planted trees that are part of your landscaping scheme die, we may enforce the replanting of the trees. To avoid costly replanting we strongly advise that a sufficient watering regime is included within your maintenance specification.

We recommend that new trees are watered regularly for the first two or three years after planting, depending on their size. We suggest watering two times per month in March and September and four times a month April - August inclusive, with enough water to fully saturate the soil. If too little water is used the tree roots will grow close to the surface and will easily be damaged by a drought. You can help the water get deep enough by including a tree irrigation tube in your tree pit when you are planting your tree.