Vote by post

About postal voting

A postal vote means you can cast your vote and post it back to the council without going to the polling station. It is an easy and convenient way of voting if you are unable to get to the polling station.

You can apply for a postal vote for one particular election or for all elections for the following three years after which you will need to renew your application.

You can receive a postal vote if you apply by eleven working days before an election is held.

Postal votes can be sent anywhere, either inside or outside the United Kingdom (if, for example, you are going on holiday). Remember, though, that if the address is outside the UK it will take time to reach you and for you to return it in order for your vote to be counted.

If you move house you must tell the Electoral Registration Officer immediately, or you may lose your postal vote.


How to apply

If you want to vote by post, you must first make sure you are registered to vote. You will likely only need to register if you have recently moved address, changed your name or recently turned 18 years old. Find out more and register to vote online 

If you are already registered to vote at your current address, you can apply to vote by post instead of at a polling station. You can apply at any time and don't need to wait for an election to be called.

Once registered, or if you are already registered, you can apply to vote by post by the deadline.  You will not need to provide photo ID to vote by post. You will however be asked to provide a signature and your date of birth - these will be stored securely.

Each time you vote by post, your signature will then be checked against the signature you provided on your original application. If you are unable to sign in a consistent or distinctive way, perhaps because of a disability, you may be granted an exemption, called a waiver.


How to fill in your postal vote

Full instructions are provided in your postal vote pack. Please keep your postal vote safe until you are ready to cast your vote.

When you vote remember to:

  • Make your vote on your ballot paper in secret
  • fill in the postal voting statement as directed
  • put the ballot and statement in the envelope provided and seal it up
  • Return your postal vote


Returning your postal vote

Please allow enough time for your postal vote to reach us. It must be received by the Returning Officer not later than 10pm on Polling day.

Post it back to us

  • You can use the pre-paid envelope provided in your postal vote pack and post it in any Royal Mail post box.  Please allow enough time for your postal vote to be delivered back to us.

Hand Deliver it to us

  • You can hand deliver your completed postal vote, at the Council offices, during office hours or at a polling station on election day. You will need to complete a statutory form. Our staff will help you with this.
  • You can hand deliver your own and no more than 5 other postal votes per election.
  • If you are a campaigner, you can only hand in your own postal vote, and those of close relatives or people for whom you provide regular care.

DO NOT leave your postal vote in any Council Office post boxes, reception points or a polling station desk without completing a form otherwise your vote will be rejected.

For more information, please contact our Electoral Services team



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